A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare a Wood Wick Candle.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare a Wood Wick Candle.

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Do you like the sound of a hot, crackling fire? So you will definitely use the wonderful wood wick candle, keep reading, we have everything you wanted to know about the wooden wick candles. That is why this article is about wooden fuses.

Now many people shy away from or don't use wooden locks just because they think they are much more complicated than they really are but if you stay with me for the next few minutes I'll show you how they can be simple and easy but now let's talk about what is basically a wooden fuse.

How wooden wick candles are different?

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Wooden wick candles are unique in that, instead of burning through a cotton or hemp wick, candles use a natural and organic wood wick. The resulting effect is a cracking sound similar to that of a wood-burning fireplace. Wood Wick candles are popular for their unique properties and scents, ranging from patterns such as berries and lavender to more eclectic aromas including lemon coconut and cinnamon rolls, like a regular cotton wick,

It consists of two parts: you have your wick and your metal clip. They come pre-assembled or you can assemble them yourself, unlike our cotton wicks. wood wick crackling candles bring together the perfect blend of old-world charmed and aroma, personally, I think they are much more elegant than normal cotton wick candles and have a better atmosphere as wood wick burn. If you've never heard them burn, they make a very small crackling candle noise.

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How To Set Up a Wooden Wick?

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How to Enjoy Your Wood Wick Candle Longer?

The entire life of your candle will be built on those first moments, the decisions you make, and the environment in which you feed it. Let me give you an advice; try to make sure that your lit candle melts completely from the wick to all sides

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other container the first time and each time you burn it (this is regardless of the wick of the candle). If you don't have enough time to completely melt your candle at the top, you will end up with a scar on the surface. As a despised lover, your candle will remember this neglect and will wickedly favor that path, melting into ever smaller pools of wax until it forms a tunnel in the center of the candle, like a hole in the heart. All that wax-smelling goodness will be left as a reminder of what your relationship could have been like. This is really good practice for living with any burn, not just the first.

After several uses, you will notice the wooden wick darkening; perhaps the hot, calm ember has turned into an extremely high flame. That's when the candle wicks are ready to be trimmed. Hydrocarbons accumulate at the top of your fuse and start to smoke and produce soot.

If you are not using it, you may also notice that the blackened wick is broken and curled in two directions. Note how long it is, if you just had an epic and long burn from 4 to 6 a.m. the night before, the wick can be an inch long, now is a good time to trim it.

If the wick is difficult to pull out with your fingertips, we recommend that you use the nail clippers to cut the black wick at 1/4 "to expose the new wood. Nail clippers are sturdy, not bent like a nail clipper and can reach deeper containers for a lever to cut them in. If trimmed properly, the lit wood wicks reward you with; more burn time, less smoke, and a romantic click making them our ideal studio candle.
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