Interesting Facts About Halloween & Halloween Candles

Interesting Facts About Halloween & Halloween Candles

Whether you are a kid or in your teen, even no matters if you are an adult Halloween Holiday is always our favorite and we wait for it whole year long, yes! The last day of October. But wait, in midst of carving a pumpkin, decorating your house with Halloween candles, trick-or-treat games, and enjoying boozy Halloween cocktails, have you ever thought about the origin of Halloween and why candles are lightened on Halloween Eve. Let’s explore answers with Freedom226.

Every year Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October. Halloween means “hallowed evening”. Early Europeans celebrated Halloween as All Hallows’ Eve and that All Hallows’ evening was followed by the observation of All Saints Day (1st November). Previously till 7th century, All Hallows’ Eve was celebrated on the 13th of May. But in the reign of Pope Boniface IV, a call was made by Pope to change the observance to the present date of 31st October, possibly in an attempt to counterpoise the occasion with a religious celebration.

Origin, Ancient Festival Of Samhain

Historically, Halloween is related to the ancient Festival of Samhain. Samhain was celebrated by The Celts, pre-Christians, at the time when season change, marked with the end of growing season and beginning of winters, and people amass their final harvest of the season. Also, it was Celts’ belief that dead people return to Earth on Samhain. The Celts used to light up the Bone fire, wear ghostly costumes and organize music dance parties, to ward off Ghost.

Faiths, Religious Festival Of The Roman Catholic Church

In actual Halloween is a religious festival of the Roman Catholic Church and belongs to Christians. Many other faiths like Buddhism. Hinduism and Mormonism do not restrict their observer from celebrating Halloween but Jehovah's Witnesses forbids its member from taking part in Halloween activities. They believe that Halloween rituals are associated with Satanism or Paganism and so are against celebrating Halloween Holiday. Similarly, Jews also do not celebrate Halloween as it is a Christian origin festival and choose religious discrimination.

Geographic Intermediaries Of Halloween

Geographically, the Celts were inhabitants of the modern day- Ireland, UK, and France. Scotland and Ireland are considered to be the best places to observe true Halloween traditions as they have Celtic roots and their traditions are inspired by Samhain. Though with time, mischief night gain popularity and is currently observed as Halloween in American States also.  New York has made its top ranking in Halloween celebrations. But still, Halloween is not celebrated with that intensity in North America as compared to UK.

Traditions Of Halloween

Halloween is a ritual and is named as “rituals of rebellion” where powers are inverted. It is a time when the powerless become powerful, a time dead expresses their resentment which they suppress during whole year and also observers believe that Halloween Eve is the time when boundary between real and after death becomes thin to connect dead with the real world.

The basic traditions Samhain Festival are now evolved to be called modern-day Halloween. Along with late-night celebrations some daytime activities like eating the treats, carving the jack-o-lanterns, festive gatherings, donning ethereal costumes, are also added up.

The Halloween activities are much scarier and full of mystery. Trick or Treat game is most enjoyed tradition in which people would scarily dress up and went door to door and they will ask for a treat. Those who refuse to treat will be left with two options; trick or a prank. Such tradition of Trick or treat is observed for ancient practice of leaving a treat on the doorstep to appease ill-meaning or evil soul.

A Dumb Supper is planned by the families where one extra seat would be set for their loving departed one. They do pour food on extra plate, leave the door open and assume that the dead soul would join and have supper with the family.

Moreover, carving a pumpkin is considered as the most fun fact about Halloween. Formerly, Turnip was first choice because it was readily available but with time turnip was replaced with pumpkin as it is easier to carve. Pumpkins are carved in daunting shapes with a candle inside so as to scare any unwanted guest. It is believed that placing a lit candle inside the pumpkin grasps evil spirits at bay.

Candles As Essential For Halloween Celebrations

Halloween observers lit up their houses with candles instead of lightening bulbs. Candles are considered as protection from souls. The ancient Celts used to light a candle in their houses and believed that a candle will guide evil or lost spirits to their home. Candles are a spiritual symbol in Christianity.

The candle represents light in the dimness of life particularly individual life, illumination; it is the image of blessed enlightenment of the soul of truth. Lit in the midst of death, they mean the light in the following scene, and they address Christ as the light. Refinement and purifying are firmly related. Moreover, Families love to enjoy the spooky holiday by scarily decorating their houses. Candles seem to be the obvious choice for home décor. Candles are considered the best way to add an eerie atmosphere to the house and instantly change the party space into creepy voodoo lair.

The enchanting scents of Halloween are mixed with wax to create a perfect scented candle, to get into the Halloween spirit.  We must choose right scent for our house and melt the candle to make impactful Halloween decorations. A perfect pumpkin scent, Seasonal Cinnamon, Soulful Sandalwood, Zesty Orange, Baked Apple or Deep and Dark Plum, are the best choice for Halloween specific scented candles.

During Halloween festivities, many stores can be seen filled with different scented candles but made with cheap wax. We must choose right wax for our home environment.  Also, these candles are designed as pumpkins and skulls which will lead to uneven candle burn and so will create soot.

So, Halloween is high time to choose the right candle-making house as your first preference to buy candles. At freedom226, Halloween candles are specially crafted and scents are added to give customer a full ardor of Halloween.

The Best Candle To Give You True Halloween Vibes. 

The Best Halloween Candle From Freedom226

Freedom226 presents its October limited edition of Wicked Candle. A thorough enrichment with a wonderful scent to get your ideal congruity stylistic theme. It arrives in a sturdy dark porcelain glass container to guarantee easy use without squander. Creative yet clear show-stopper made with dedication, which will eventually ease you to give your place a mitigating expansion. Regardless of whether a party or home stylistic layout, these scented candles give you a great mix of the sweet aroma of cinnamon (first level), clove incense, sandalwood, orange strip (second level), and base of golden and patchouli other than consuming.

Also give a Halloween Party a romantic and soothing touch with amazing Whiskey Scented Candle by Freedom226. The delicate fragrance of liquor and wood makes the air superb. An amazing expansion in any space. From home style to party stylistic theme, these candles will serve you as a contemporary component in a characteristic sensation. Gives a quiet energy by mixed scent. Add magnificent serenity with this cutting-edge method of beautification.

Melt the wicked candle and fight the ghouls off with our top scented Halloween candle. Enjoy Halloween season with basic savoir-faire about it and summon the Halloween spirits with enthralling scents.

Let’s have Scary and sweet candy filled Halloween!


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