Aromas of Texas - Unforgettable Fragrances of Lone Star State

Aromas of Texas

            There’s nothing like the sweet, sweet aromas of Texas living.  So, what do we mean by the aromas of Texas? Let’s take a look at some of the unforgettable fragrances that make us proud to call The Lone Star State home. 

 At Freedom 226 we are proud to offer you The best standard candles made right here in Texas to remind you of home. Whether you’re near, far, or want to send a homesick friend a gift, we’ve got you covered.

Texas Signature Scent - The Bluebonnets

Bluebonnet-Fields-with beautiful sunset view

Driving down the highway in April is the best. Rolling your windows down and getting a whiff of that fresh breathing air and blossoming Blue Bonnets. The best way to get your Blue Bonnet to fix is to visit a field full of thousands of them. These tiny blue flowers are named after the bonnets pioneer women would wear to shield them from the sun, and it’s also the Texas State Flower. Nothing more Texas than that. If you’re missing the sweet scent of a Blue Bonnet field at sunset, check out our Bluebonnet & Linen Signature scent, with notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, and lilac.

Cactus Blossom

Cactus blossom flowers in a sunny day Texas, can be used for candle making

            Did you know that most species of cactus blossom grow in the spring? Cactus flowers give off a very light floral scent, and our Freedom 226 Signature Scent Cactus blossom embodies their beauty in a very delightful scent to remind you of hiking out in the Texas sun amidst the cacti. We’ve captured a unique aroma globally: a blend of bergamot, fresh white flowers, green cactus stems, coconut, and softwoods. You’ll get all the perks of smelling a fresh cactus blossom without the risk of a prick.

The scent of vintage leather

Scent vintage leather shop representing scent of texas

            Who doesn’t love the smell of walking into a saddle shop? Wandering the aisles of handcrafter boots with intricate designs, the aromas of wood and leather combined. The creaking of the floor while you browse and feel the textures. When you want to capture that scent at home, try out our vintage leather candle. When you light these beautiful aroma candle jars, you’ll be hit with the feeling of walking into a saddle shop, with hints of amber and suede wafting into the air. 


old style bar in Texas with candle light beautiful view

            It’s not Texas without whiskey, right? A neat pour of whiskey to accompany a plate of brisket is a Texas classic. When you’re looking for a swanky ambiance, our Whiskey scented candle brings an intoxicating blend of alcohol and wood, perfect for setting the mood for a romantic dinner out on the patio. When you fire up this candle, be prepared to kick your ambiance up a notch. This candle is also infused with patchouli and birch bar to round out the earthy fragrance.


There’s nothing like the aromas of Texas, and we want you to enjoy them wherever you may be.

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